The First Smart
Backpack For Kids

The first animated backpack for kids with a programmable screen
It's more than a school backpack
Pix Mini – is a kids backpack with a built-in LED screen that can be controlled from iOS/Android app and your child can:

  • Create and display drawings
  • Play puzzle games
  • Socialize with friends
  • Stay visible on the road
Bring your ideas to life!
The integrated in-app image editor enables your child to create his own digital drawings and display them right on the backpack
Perfect Gift
Thanks to numerous interactive features your son, daughter, cousin, brother, sister or any child you care about will be truly delighted to recieve such a cool backpack
Pix Mini app enables you to track your child's geolocation and the glowing animation will keep your child safer on the road
In addition to Pix Mini's cool features, it is still a practical backpack which enables your kid to carry all of the school essentials
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
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